This book by a granddaughter of polygamists debuts in March.


You can order it through our website by clicking on the above cover image. And you can register here for our April 14th (7:30 pm) virtual event with the author.


Canadian Mary Jayne Blackmore was the 5th sibling of 150 born from famed polygamist Winston Blackmore. As such, she has a specific view of building a life and community.  But in the end, the themes of love, connection, heartbreak, independence, reconciliation and restitution are EVERYONE’s story.



An absolute must read... This book gives an intimate and very human view of life from inside a place that’s always been a mystery to most of us in the Kootenay region of BC. This book not only gives great insight into the community of Bountiful but is also a beautifully written story that will keep any reader from being able to put it down. ~ Jennifer W

A secret window into a different culture... An exceptional book with enough stories, to keep you entertained, with pleasantly new setting and perspective to keep you interested, and some life lessons to keep you thinking. I've not enjoyed a book this much in a long while.~ Jesse

The Strength of the female spirit... I will never again question the innate strength of being born a woman since I read Balancing Bountiful. Mary Jayne Blackmore’s book took me for a ride. She recalled her life journey (a power-packed few decades) through the sunshine of innocence, the shadows of uncertainty, the darkness of disillusion, the haze of confusion followed with “Jacob’s Ladder” rays illuminating her self-awareness. The female spirit is resilient; it can only be extinguished when she believes she is not resilient. A must read for those who love human interest stories. ~Deborah Johnson

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We had a terrific, fun event last night with Jeff Kinney and all of you with your tricked out, spooky vehicles. (See below. We wish we could have taken more pictures, but you kept us pretty busy checking you all in!)

While we're sold out of signed copies of his latest "Rowley Jefferson's Awesome Friendly Spooky Stories," we have plenty of unsigned copies (for now) plus SIGNED copies of most of the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series, so come on by and scoop them up while they last!



More intimate than a big box store or even the library, The Book Bungalow in downtown St. George will help you disconnect, browse, and indulge your senses the old fashioned way--using quiet, a comfortable chair, and your imagination.

If you want speed and discounts, stick with Amazon. Remember, however, that a better experience is worth more. if you want to slow down, explore, and discover new worlds, The Book Bungalow is your perfect refuge. As you find a book, turn the page, and settle into one of our comfy chairs, your body will sigh in relief, grateful for the respite.


COVID-19 Update:

We're still requesting the use of masks while in the store (we'll be wearing them too, of course).

Daytime and evening events are still being held virtually, so if you're interested in taking part and aren't intimidated by the Zoom platform (you really needn't be--it's as easy as clicking on a link and entering the provided password to join in on an event), please contact us so we can keep you apprised as events are scheduled. We're hoping to resume normal, in-person events by the middle or late summer. If enough people get the vaccination and continue to mask up for now, that will be possible.


In fact, you can find lists of Recommended Titles here.


If you don't live in the St. George Metro Area (which includes Washington, Ivins, and Santa Clara) or you're gifting to someone outside the area, we will send your purchases by media mail.


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