Big Press Author and Poet Events

We look forward to welcoming any and all authors and poets published by well-known publishing houses.

If you can make the four-hour drive south from our mentoring bookstore up north, The King's English, or the one-and-a-half-hour drive north from Las Vegas, we will guarantee you wonderful weather nine months of the year and spectacular red rock scenery, along with a thriving artistic and literary community.

If you happen to be a runner, as well as a writer, you could even schedule your visit to include the nationally recognized St. George Marathon held every first Saturday in October. Even during that busy time, we can provide free and spacious accommodations. Simply email us directly or ask your publisher or publicist to contact us. We would love to put St. George on the national book tour map! After all, ours is the fastest growing metro area in the country.

And if you happen to be a children's, middle grade, or young adult author, we can also set up school visits if given enough notice. Please check the School Events link under Community in the main menu for details.