Bungalow Book Angels


Since so many of us are now either quarantined or confined in large measure to our homes due to the pandemic, we decided to offer a new program that would help us reach out to one another with one of our favorite things--books! You can support both The Book Bungalow and friends, family, and acquaintances by becoming a BOOK BUNGALOW ANGEL--purchasing a curated selection of books to be delivered free of charge to the doorstep or mailbox of anyone you deem to be in need of entertainment, education, or enlightenment. It may not solve the current global crisis, but it will definitely help brighten someone's day.

It's simple to sign up:

1. PHONE US AT 435-619-8200 to join at your desired level--$25, $50, $100, or $250 (the higher the level, the more titles in the stack)--purchasing your gift package by credit card and providing the following information:

  • RECIPIENT'S NAME AND ADDRESS (If it's local, we will provide FREE DELIVERY to their doorstep; if they don't live in the St. George Metro Area, we will send by media mail at a cost of $2-$5 depending on the size of package)
  • REQUESTED TITLES/RECIPIENT'S INTERESTS - If you'd prefer, you can request particular titles OR you can leave it to us to curate a selection that reflects the interests and reading habits of your recipient. We'll also send you a Bungalow Book Angel confirmation email that you can use later for a discount (see below).
  • CHOICE OF ANONYMITY AND NOTE - You can request that the recipients know who you are, or you can stay anonymous. If you like, you can also give us the wording for a short note to be included with the surprise package

2. FOLLOW-UP EMAIL UPON REQUEST - If you'd like, we will send you a second, follow-up email to let you know which books were included in your purchase if we made the selections. In any case, we'll make sure your purchase provides great books for people who will really appreciate them.

3. 15% DISCOUNT ON YOUR NEXT IN-STORE PURCHASE - Once things normalize and you're finally able to shop inside our store again, just show us your Bungalow Book Angel confirmation email and you'll get 15% off your purchase.