Harry Potter Book Day

HARRY POTTER BOOK DAY - "MAGICAL PLACES" (OCTOBER 14, 2023 from 3:00 - 7:00 pm)


If you attended and took any pictures, we would love to post them here. Please email any you want to share to tanya@thebookbungalow.com.


(Note: Harry Potter Book Night has changed to Harry Potter Book Day, beginning this year.)





A picture of Platform 9 and 3/4 at the top of the stairs to the bookstore's front porch

Picture of table on front porch with Hogwarts Express Train Set going around a cage with Hedwig and the Monster Book of Monsters inside

Display table in main room of bookstore with dragons, Marauders Map, Harry Potter spectacles and other Harry Potter items

Closeup of a miniature dragon on the display table

Picture of Harry Potter rings and earrings

Picture of bookstore fireplace with Harry Potter letters coming out

Closeup of Harry Potter letters from Hogwarts

Picture of Professor Trelawney's aunt in meeting room with magic electrical ball for fortune telling

Professor Trelawney's fortune telling aunt from a different angle

Harry Potter Craft and Coloring Books displayed in the meeting room of the bookstore

Picture of boy posing for the "Have You Seen This Wizard?" poster in the Children's Room

Hogwarts Express This Way sign on door leading to the Speculative Room

Picture of LEGO Hogwarts Castle in front of mural of Voldemort dueling with Harry Potter

"Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone" among the books on the shelf

Head House Prefect with a friend in the Harry Potter Room

The door to the Cupboard Under the Stairs

A view inside the Cupboard Under the Stairs

Closeup of a Slytherin journal in the Cupboard Under the Stairs

The back entrance to Hogwarts (The Book Bungalow)

Picture of Wand Lore Class with Professor Petro Gregaravich on the back patio under the floating candles

Picture of the Wand Lord Class on the back patio

Wand Lore Class is about to begin as the professor waits for his introduction from his animatronic skeleton

A Hagrid look-alike sits in on Wand Lore Class

Closeup of Professor Gregoravich explaining the finer points of wandmaking to a mother and her son

A picture of class attendees checking out his wand collection afterward

A young Hogwarts student is about to be sorted into her house by the Sorting Hat

Professor McGonagall has just positioned the Sorting Hat on another Hogwarts Student

Another Hogwarts professor looks on as a mother proudly takes a picture of her child being sorted

The child decides to let the father get sorted instead, but remains on his lap during the ceremony

More Hogwarts students and their parents and grandparents wait for their turn to be sorted

Professor McGonagall explains the sorting process

A little girl is sorted

Three House Prefects on duty at Charms and Potions Class

Hogwarts students hard at work creating their own Marauders Maps at Charms and Potions Class

Another view of students creating their Marauders Maps

Uncovering the secrets to their Marauders Maps with a magic pen

Potions and Invisible Ink Pens for Charms and Potions Class

Free bottles of Powdered Polyjuice Potion

A whole bowl full of Powdered Polyjuice Potion

Two Hogwarts students ready to take on the Ministry of Magic

Hogwarts students prepare to enter the Ministry of Magic in search of the Hall of Prophecy

Three Harry Potter look alikes prepare to cast a spell to find the right door to the Hall of Prophecy

Blindfolded, a young Hogwarts student is positioned to cast his spell

An even younger student is blindfolded, in position, and being handed the magic wand to use

A House Prefect and her friend inside the Ministry of Magic




A poster of Diagon Alley that reads "Happy Harry Potter Book Night 2021!"

Thanks for overwhelming us for our second Harry Potter Book Night! Even though we tried to limit attendance to 200, due to the heat and Covid Delta variant concerns, we couldn't say no to last minute registrants and passers-by. We ended up with 258 checked in plus several whom I think I failed to check in! While our local wand craftsman, Graggarian, couldn't be on hand, his wands flew out of his specially made cases nonetheless, and our House Sorter was definitely a hit! I'll try to add the slide show she provided from pictures taken by her husband, Gerry. In the meantime, I do have a few photos to add and I promise there will be a lot more (and better quality too) in February, 2022! (If you happened to take pictures that night and are willing to share them here, please email them to me.)

Also, our Grand Prize Winner for the drawing was Melissa McConkie, our first Runner-Up was Melanie Elison, and our second Runner-Up was Alicia Spindola (I'll try and add their pictures later once they pick up their prizes).

Picture of a group of Harry Potter fans checking in for our event

A picture of another group, all in costume

A mother and daughter checking out all the Harry Potter envelopes flying out of the fireplace

A family at the cash counter with Jason

The remains of Gragarrio's marvelous handcrafted wand collection after Potter fans made their selections



~ ~ ~


Thanks for joining in our first Harry Potter Book Night! Attendance definitely exceeded expectations (over 300), so while we've made plans to better accommodate visitors next year, we may have to scale things down a bit due to the heat. Due to Covid, we had to reschedule to the end of July, but in 2022 we'll be back to our normal First Thursday in February. (At least in 2021 we have a dedicated Harry Potter "Cupboard Under the Stairs" and we hope to have a professional photographer on hand.) Below are some photos of last year's inaugural event.

We begin with our Triwizard Tournament winner, holding her cup--Codera Krogh, representing Durmstrang (followed by pictures of the other school champions):