A Haven From Your Worries

Readers and Writers Now Have a Place to Gather

You can come simply for the books, with new discoveries in almost every genre. You can come to meet as writers or to discuss your latest book club pick. You can participate in writing workshops, poetry readings, kids’ story time, TED Talk discussions, music nights, and author presentations and signings. You can even compare reviews of the latest bestsellers or simply talk books with the Bungalow staff.

Or . . . if you’re looking for some time to yourself, you can browse until you find a book that calls to you. Pull it from the shelf, take a sip of your beverage of choice, turn the page, and settle into our couch or one of our comfy chairs. This is your chance to turn off your screens, get out of the house, tune out the chaos, and either get to know people like you in your local bookstore or delve into the smell and feel of a physical book. By entering a new world--a world created by words that arouse your imagination--you’ll learn and grow. You’ll baptize your mind and renew yourself.

Every Genre Plus Some Extras

Stocked with over 6,000 books, the Bungalow offers a carefully curated collection of literary fiction, classics, women’s fiction, science fiction, fantasy, romance, mystery, suspense, thrillers, historical fiction, and fiction for children and young adults, including graphic novels. There’s even a touch of horror, as well as a special section for international fiction (translated into English, of course). And that’s just the fiction.

Our shelves also boast books on history (including local), politics, current events, poetry, the arts, science, sociology, psychology, philosophy, religion, self-help, biography and memoir, arts and crafts, and cooking. Added to these are special sections on writers and writing, as well as influential women.

If you can’t find the book you want on our shelves or here on our website, simply ask and we’ll track it down and order it for you. Or if you’d rather have it in audiobook form, we can provide that, as well.

An entire room is devoted to children’s and middle-grade books, along with educational toys, games, puzzles and puppets. Other gift items include local crafts and art, journals, writing accessories, cards, games and calendars.