Requesting Small Press/Independent Author Events


Big Press (and some Small Press) Author Events

Interested in booking an event at The Book Bungalow or hosting a writing workshop? Take a minute to learn about our event program parameters so you can find out whether your event is a good fit for the store, and so you can make your best pitch!

PLEASE NOTE: The Book Bungalow is currently hosting mostly virtual events until further notice.

For now, The Book Bungalow hosts events virtually, typically focused on one or more newly published books, both fiction and nonfiction. We host most adult events on Fridays or Saturdays, but will make exceptions. Story Times are almost always held on Saturdays.  We encourage authors and publicists to take a look at our events calendar to see what we have currently booked and to get a sense of the scope of our programming, and visit our events information page for more details.

If you would like to propose a solo event or a writing workshop at The Book Bungalow, you can send an email via the link below. If possible, please include the following information in your pitch:

  • Information about the book, including the title, publication date, publisher / distributor, and a brief description (Attaching or linking to a publisher catalog page or press release is especially helpful. Please do not link to Amazon for book information; this will cause your pitch to be disregarded.)
  • Why you feel this book is a good fit for The Book Bungalow's events calendar (local connection, appealing to our audiences, etc.)
  • Information about the author's platform and/or plans for publicizing the event
  • What you have in mind for the date range and event format 
  • Praise or reviews from well-known authors or others in the field, especially if they are willing to support an event as an interviewer or with promotion

(Authors published by small presses may also pitch for separate events, if desired, so long as they meet the parameters outlined above and complete the Potential Events Questionnaire linked at the bottom of the page . . . or they may choose to join in our Local Authors Night described in the section below.)


The Book Bungalow will be in touch with further information if we think your event is something we might be able to schedule. If your proposal is for a date less than a month away, if it is not the right fit for the store, or if there is simply no way we can fit it into our calendar, you may not receive a reply. Feel free to send a follow up email if you do not hear back within a week or two (please do not call the bookstore to follow up, as we are unable to respond to event proposals by phone).

We are honored that you have chosen to consider The Book Bungalow for your reading or event, and we wish you success in finding the best venue.


Small Press and Self-Published Author Events

The Book Bungalow fully supports small press and independent authors and takes pride in their success. That is why we offer three months of free shelf space dedicated to local authors, whether published traditionally or independently. We want to help readers in our community get to know local authors and their writing process better through events and writing workshops. Since our schedule and space is limited, we generally host monthly multi-author events for our local authors to ensure strong attendance and increased outreach. If you are an author who has self-published your book(s), we hope you will consider taking part in such events.

If you would like to be considered for one of our Local Author Nights (held on the last Saturday evening of each month beginning again in August of 2021), please complete the attached request form and provide the following information:

  • A short summary of the book, along with the publisher name, ISBN, retail price, and date of publication. Please include a physical review copy of your book with a self-addressed, postage-prepaid envelope so that we can return the book. If no envelope is provided, we will not return the copy of the book.
  • Any information regarding your marketing and publicity plans and any events you have already had (including attendance and sales figures).
  • A realistic estimate of how many people you expect will attend your event, and if you have a local following that you believe will attend the event.

Your request should be marked “Local Author Event Request” or "Small Press Author Event Request" and dropped off at our cash counter or mailed to us at 76 West Tabernacle Street, Suite 8A, St. George, UT 84770.

You will receive an emailed reply within 10 days from the date we receive your request along with a consignment agreement form. The form must be filled out and returned before we can add you to the schedule.

A Local Authors Night may include up to but no more than three (3) authors.

Whether you are a small press or independent author, please understand that you are responsible for 90% of the work of turning out an audience. This is why you need strong local ties (or a fan base or following in the case of virtual events). That said, we will provide the following in support of your event should you be scheduled:

  • Mention in our monthly newsletter (with 1,100+ subscribers)
  • E-mailed notices to our growing list of customers.
  • In-store advertising.
  • On-line advertising on our website, Facebook, and Twitter pages, plus postings with pictures on our Instagram page afterward.
  • Staffing and venue for your event.

Small Press and Independent Author Event Guidelines and Regulations:

  • The author will provide The Book Bungalow with a completed Small Press and Independent Author Event Request Form. See request form below.
  • The Book Bungalow requires payment of a $25.00 co-operative and event hosting fee submitted when the event is confirmed.
  • The author (or his/her small press publisher) will provide books for the event to be sold on a 60/40 consignment basis and sign a Consignment Agreement. See form below.
  • The Book Bungalow will handle all book sales during the event.
  • The author must take all remaining unsold books with them; only 2 copies will be left with The Book Bungalow for inventory.
  • The author is responsible for completing the necessary invoice form (provided by The Book Bungalow the day of the event) in order to receive payment for any books sold during the event.
  • The Book Bungalow will consider all event requests but cannot accommodate everyone. 

Thank you for your cooperation!

The Events Team at The Book Bungalow

*Forms to be completed are attached below.