School Programs

School Visits by Authors

The Book Bungalow wants to serve as a bridge between visiting authors and our local schools. If you are a teacher or a school librarian, please subscribe to our newsletter so you can stay abreast of future appearances by authors, and don't hesitate to contact us if you would be open to receiving visits by any particular authors who will be coming to the bookstore. Their schedules may allow for school visits. It would be a plus for you, as educators, because the hosting of authors promotes literacy, thus making it easier to get school grants. Most importantly, there is no better way to get your students excited about reading and writing than to let them learn about the creative process from a children's, middle grade, or Young Adult author.

If you are an established author with a young fan base and would like to coordinate school visits with us, please review and complete our attached Author School Visit Event Request Form below.

If you are an interested teacher or school librarian, please review and complete the forms below for educators (Book Bungalow Authors in Schools Program and Author/School Visit Contract With The Book Bungalow and then contact us through the website. 


Summer ARC Reading

One thing booksellers get a lot of is Advanced Reader Copies (ARCs) of books that are about to come out. Once we have read them, we have little use for them because they can't be sold. A week or two before school lets out for the summer, we would love to set up a couple of tables in your gym, upon which we would place all the ARCs that are suitable for your students. As classes take turns coming in, each student would then get to select one free book to take home to read for the summer. If your school would be interested in such a program, please contact us.


Teacher Discounts

We all know that teachers are woefully underpaid and often have to dip into their own savings to provide sufficient supplies--including books--for their students. For that reason, The Book Bungalow will offer a 10% discount on all books and products carried to all teachers in the Washington County School District.