Special/Seasonal Programs

We are committed to gaining your loyalty. We want both readers and writers to come back again and again because they've found a home away from home--a place to read, talk, and even laugh together. For that reason, we are offering a few different loyalty programs we hope you will consider:

  • Subscribe to our monthly newsletter, The Bungalowdown, and you will receive special offers, advance notice of coming events, and staff reviews of books coming out to whet your appetite for more great reads. You'll find a sign-up list at the checkout counter.
  • Join our Frequent Buyer Club at the cash counter. Every time you reach $100 in store purchases, you will receive $10 off your next purchase.

We also realize that life can get hectic, so we wanted to offer some special programs for our customers--programs that would make it easier for you to give to others in your family and/or community. Please consider taking part in either or both of the following:

  • The Bungalow Book-a-Month Club - You select a child, grandchild, or friend who would benefit from a new book to read every month, fill out a brief form describing his/her interests and hobbies, and then leave it to the staff here to carefully select the perfect book and send it, gift wrapped, to your designated recipient. Think of the delight such a surprise package would bring each month.
  • The Bungalow Book Angel Program - As Christmas or the Holidays approach, you or your family may select a child (or children) in need of books and then come into The Book Bungalow to shop for that child (or children). Once the books are all chosen, leave it to us to deliver or mail the anonymous gift, all wrapped up in a gift basket.