Tanya's Book Teasers

Due to the new COVID-19 normal of social distancing and self isolation at home, I thought I'd put my reading and narrating skills to work. Each Monday through Saturday at noon, I'll be recording a live Instagram video featuring the first few pages of different books we currently carry in the store. This will begin Monday, March 23rd. And the schedule will look like this:

MONDAYS - Mysteries, Middle Grade, and Memoir

TUESDAYS - Travel, True Crime, and Horror (hey, I had to put Horror somewhere)

WEDNESDAYS - YA, Poetry/Romance, and History

THURSDAYS - Thrillers/Suspense, Third & Fourth (as in Grades 3&4), and Humor

FRIDAYS - Fiction, Fantasy, and Philosophy/Religion

SATURDAYS - Science Fiction, Self-Help, and Science/Sociology

*As you may have noticed, I've left Politics/Current Events off the list in this election year. Now is a time for us all to come together, not break apart further.


So, follow us on Instagram @tanyasbookbungalow if you want to be notified of the live video each day at noon. And let me know either in real time during the video or afterward in an email (tanyaparkermills@mac.com) what you think of the whole thing. I'm open to suggestions to make it better, because this is a work in progress.